Every year, Seeds of Learning holds its fundraising banquet. This year marks the 10th year anniversary of the organization. Seeds of Learning spends this evening recognizing the achievements of the previous year and looking forward to the next. For ten great years, Seeds of Learning has dedicated itself to providing education to the youth of Pakistan.

As we reflect on these past ten years, we have reached several goals and hope to welcome greater accomplishments in the future. Today, we have Campus of Hope in Bai Bala area in Pakistan, with an enrollment of over 180 students and growing. Additionally, Unity Campus is currently being built with the opening of the school in March 2015.

Last year, our 9th annual event was in dedication to the legacy of Babar and Haris Suleman. Through this, we were able to raise $3.8 million for our campuses in Pakistan.

The 10th annual fundraising banquet will be held on October 10th, 2015 at 6:00 PM. Please join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of Seeds of Learning.

“Education is ultimately the only way to bring enlightenment, understanding and lasting peace. We at Seeds of Learning are proud be a part of this ongoing effort. Join us for our 10th anniversary celebration on October 10th.”

 -Azher Khan, President Seeds of Learning

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