Seeds of Learning believes that education is one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against poverty and bringing about peace.

Education for underprivileged children is the focus of Seeds of Learning. There is a direct need for schools, built to high quality standards. Seeds of Learning exists to fulfill that need both overseas and at home.

There are over fifty-seven million school-aged children in the earthquake-affected areas of Pakistan who don’t receive proper schooling (almost twenty percent of the population of the USA)! We partnered with The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a well-known and well-respected not-for-profit organization in Pakistan, to build a school in the village of Bai Bela in North West Frontier Province (NWFP). The education system in this area was severely affected by the earthquakes in 2005; 6,700 schools in NWFP and 1,300 in Azad Jamu & Kashmir were destroyed. UNICEF estimated that 960,000 school-age children need school support.

We raised the funds necessary to construct a TCF primary school with essential facilities like running water, electricity, and play areas. We named the school Campus of Hope. It has the capacity to serve over 300 students in morning and evening shifts, and became operational in 2007. All TCF schools built in the affected areas are designed to provide resistance to earthquakes and conform to the specifications of the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority.

Seeds of Learning holds an annual fundraiser to raise money for the Campus of Hope; keep up with us through our blog and e-newsletters to learn more about opportunities to support us!