Check out what is happening at the Campus of Hope. Ameen updates us on their “Seed of Hope” project and the “World Water Day.” Also, he talks about the sincere thanks from the students for their new supplies they received in October 2012.

Assalam-o-Alikum. Hope you & all the supporters will be fine.

These days we are working on “Seed of Hope ” all students and teachers are busy in planting new plants. After the long winter, all are waiting for the spring excitedly .  “Seed of Hope” is a project in which all have to participate. The students of one class grow a plant. This plant will go with him in class 2nd and so on. New session is started, after noon classes are also started from 4th March. There are 165 students in morning shift and 95 students in after noon classes.

Students are also preparing debates and National song for 23rd March. Students and teachers are preparing for the 22th March “World Water Day.”

Teachers talk in classes and in assembly about the water crisis and the action taken. We all working to make aware the students about the importance of water and make them to understand and realise how to save the water.

We have received the bags that you have sent in Oct 2012, the supplies was useful for students. Please accept the heartly thank you from students side. Students were so much happy to find colour and other thing.

Say a special thank to all the supports from the campus side, may God keep them in his heavenly blessing. Ameen

Seed of Hope