Student of the Month

Name:         Iqra

Age:            9

Class:         5th

Hobbies     Playing with dolls and Badmeton.

Interest:      in study

Talent :       She is good in Art

Family Background:    She has one sister and one brother. Her father is disabled
and mother is the Principal at a TCF school. She belongs to a family who is against the female education.

Dream: she wants to become IPS  officer. She loves every one and she wants to work for her country.


Teacher of the Year

Name:       Saima Gul

Age:          34

She is MA, Bed. She has three sister and one brother. Her father is a driver. She received her education
in poverty and now works as a teacher in a TCF school and supports her family.

Her younger sisters is also getting an education and working as a teacher in a different school.

She is is confident and good at math. She is hard working and wants to get a good job to support
her old father, who is getting old.