Campus of Hope

Located in Bai Bala, near Mansehra, Pakistan, this school site has special meaning to residents in the area: it was built on this site in order to commemorate those who passed away in the devastating 2005 earthquakes, giving new hope to families in the area for the future. Campus of Hope currently serves over 300 students from grade 1–5 who are taught essential subjects such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Art, among others. The school is fully equipped with playgrounds, fully stocked libraries, and a state of the art computer lab in addition to essential services such as running water and electricity. Without the Campus of Hope, many of these students would never be able to interact with such things as books and computers, something we all take for granted!

Students at the Campus of Hope are taught by professionally trained teachers who, thanks to our partnership with The Citizens Foundation, undergo 120 hours of pre-service training. Additionally, all teachers receive 80 hours of professional development every year. Seeds of Learning and The Citizens Foundation both believe in empowering women, and employ an all female teacher workforce.

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