10 Years of Planting the Seeds

Every year, Seeds of Learning holds its fundraising banquet. This year marks the 10th year anniversary of the organization. Seeds of Learning spends this evening recognizing the achievements of the previous year and looking forward to the next. For ten great years, Seeds of Learning has dedicated itself to providing education to the youth of Pakistan. As we reflect on these past ten years, we have reached several goals and hope to welcome greater accomplishments in the future. Today, we have Campus of Hope in Bai Bala area in Pakistan, with an enrollment…continue reading →

Resilience in Peshawar

As Nelson Mandela stated, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." More powerful than the terror inflicted by gunshots. More powerful than the fear and darkness which overcame Peshawar on this dark moment in history. As an organization rooted in transforming lives through planting the seeds of learning, we are devastated to hear the news of such a barbaric crime against humanity and against education. Though this goes without saying, we fully condemn the acts of these heartless terrorists and pray for the recovery and release…continue reading →

#FlyForEducation with us at the 9th Annual Seeds of Learning Fundraising Banquet: Celebrating the Legacy of Babar & Haris Suleman!

You are invited to join Seeds of Learning in its quest to bring hope and joy through education! Please join us at our Annual Fundraising Banquet, where we will celebrate the legacy of Babar and Haris Suleman in their mission to "Fly Around the World in 30 Days for Education." Seeds of Learning celebrates the groundbreaking vision of Babar and Haris Suleman, who dedicated their lives during this trip to advance literacy and formal education in an impoverished region where there is a severe lack thereof. As American Muslims, Babar and Haris have…continue reading →

Around the World For Education

When planning this great adventure, Babar Suleman knew he wanted to use the opportunity to raise funds for a cause. The question was, which one? With so many amazing organizations doing work around the world, Babar narrowed his focus to an organization focused on education and women's rights, and a cause that particularly emphasized education of girls and women. With this goal in mind, the choice was clear: The Citizens Foundation. Father-and-son team of Babar and Haris Suleman will fly around the world in 30 days in a single-engine plane to raise money…continue reading →

Malala Yousafzai Inspires on The Daily Show

"In this exclusive, unedited interview, 'I Am Malala' author Malala Yousafzai remembers the Taliban's rise to power in her Pakistani hometown and discusses her efforts to campaign for equal access to education for girls. Malala Yousafzai also offers suggestions for people looking to help out overseas and stresses the importance of education." Malala, a top candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, has been an advocate for women's education despite her struggles both before and after being shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in Pakistan. Seeds of Learning continues to stand behind Malala…continue reading →

Planting the Seeds of Learning: Part 3

Planting the Seeds of Learning: Part 3 Nearly 7 years after the tragic earthquake, Seeds of Learning is hosting its 7th Annual Fundraising Dinner in an effort to continue the momentum of hope and change that overpowers the destruction and devastation left behind. Follow the journey as we explore the mission, vision and history of Seeds of Learning in this 4-part blog series. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. “We wanted to build schools that we were comfortable sending our kids to,” Azher Khan, Seeds of Learning Board President. The remote community that…continue reading →

Malala Yousafzai addresses UN

Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai addressed the United Nations on Friday, July 12th, 2013 as part of her campaign to ensure free compulsory education for every child. Malala has been an advocate for women's education despite her struggle after being shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in Pakistan. Seeds of Learning continues to support an equal education for boys and girls in Pakistan at the Campus of Hope facility. "Malala has been able to amplify the spirit of self-sacrifice, patience and forgiveness," said Seeds of Learning Board President Azher Khan. "She spoke eloquently…continue reading →

Seeds of Learning Condemns Recent Violence in Pakistan

Supporters of Seeds of Learning, We wholeheartedly condemn the recent spate of violence occurring in Pakistan. These types of actions must never be tolerated, and we as a people must band together to let people know that we won't allow this senseless violence. No one, regardless of age, race, creed, religion etc., should be subject to these types of actions. We stand with the Muslim Alliance of Indiana on this issue, their statement on the subject can be seen below. - The Seeds of Learning Team (Indianapolis-March 5, 2013) The Muslim Alliance of…continue reading →

Welcome to Seeds of Learning

There are over fifty-seven million school-aged children in Pakistan who don’t receive proper schooling.   Education for underprivileged children is the focus of SOL. There is a dire need for schools – built to high quality standards – especially in the earthquake-affected areas of Pakistan.   It is our belief that peace comes through education.   We have partnered with The Citizens Foundation to build and operate the Campus of Hope; it opened in 2007 and has been serving students and families in Bai Bala (Pakistan). Over 180 students are enrolled at Campus…continue reading →