Planting the Seeds of Learning: Part 1

Nearly 7 years after the tragic earthquake, Seeds of Learning is hosting its 7th Annual Fundraising Dinner in an effort to continue the momentum of hope and change that overpowers the destruction and devastation left behind. Follow the journey as we explore the mission, vision and history of Seeds of Learning in this 4-part blog series.

On the morning of October 8th, 2005, a resounding 7.6 magnitude earthquake shook the core of northern Pakistan and activated the world into a frenzy of care, compassion and generosity. The earthquake killed over 86,000 people, and left more than 69,000 injured and without shelter as the winter season quickly approached. While international aid continued to pour in, the Indianapolis community chose to take matters into their own hands, launching what would later become the Indianapolis-based non-profit, Seeds of Learning, Inc.

Community members collected donated items from friends, family and organizations such as The Timmy Foundation, who offered an entire warehouse of medical supplies, as well as APPNA, PIA, and HDF, all of which were then shipped in 23 40-foot containers – almost the size of 2 1/2 football fields – to Pakistan through the generous support of Calderon Textiles. Dr. Shahab Zaidi and Azher Khan traveled to Pakistan to witness the impact of the supplies that were delivered with the help of a network of resources throughout the U.S. 

It was during that initial trip that Azher, Board President of Seeds of Learning, heard about a local school that had collapsed and buried 40 children. While it was difficult witnessing the devastation first-hand, the group returned to their home state with a passionate vision for the future of Pakistan, and the 1st Annual Seeds of Learning Fundraiser was initiated.

Stay tuned to learn more about The Campus of Hope in the 2nd part of our blog series!

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