Planting the Seeds of Learning: Part 2

Nearly 7 years after the tragic earthquake, Seeds of Learning is hosting its 7th Annual Fundraising Dinner in an effort to continue the momentum of hope and change that overpowers the destruction and devastation left behind. Follow the journey as we explore the mission, vision and history of Seeds of Learning in this 4-part blog series. Read Part 1 here.

The first annual Seeds of Learning Fundraiser took place in 2006, soon after members of the Indianapolis community paid a visit to northern Pakistan and witnessed the impact of the earthquake. Within the first two years, the community had raised $117,000 to initiate the building of a new school that would replace one that had collapsed in the 2005 earthquake. The new school was named the Campus of Hope and offered Kindergarten and 1st grade classes in its first year. In his first visit after the school was built, Azher Khan, Board President of Seeds of Learning, recalls offering candy to each student, everyone of whom took only 1 piece and showed immense gratitude for the small gift.

Meanwhile, a group of 6 businessmen had launched a discussion on how they could do their part to aid in the future of Pakistan. The discussion tackled issues ranging from medical to environmental and agricultural, and the group quickly found that improving the education system was the best approach. The Citizens Foundation (TCF) was founded soon after, with a mission to support “the building of civil society in Pakistan and promoting gender equality by providing quality scientific and balanced education for underprivileged children and advocacy for education reform.” It was this model that attracted Azher towards TCF, and the Campus of Hope continues to operate as a TCF school. “We wanted to build schools that we were comfortable sending our kids to,” said Azher.

Stay tuned to learn more about how your donations helped to grow and revolutionize The Campus of Hope in the 3rd part of our blog series!