The Annual Ladies’ Chai SOciaL (LCS) was born from a vision to celebrate the women in our lives and the roles they play. Women as our first educators, our nurturers and our support system. LCS is a way to come together to honor our community of women made up of sisters, friends, mothers and co-workers. In the first year, our goal was simply to spend an afternoon with friends, food and of course, chai.

However, in 2016, the organizers of LCS wanted to do more by not only celebrating one another, but by giving back in a tangible way. This year we created the Educate our Educators Scholarship Program to fund higher education for our teachers at the Campus of Hope. Our teachers serve as inspiration for their students, and watching them accomplish their own goals helps our students reach higher. Just $50 pays for an entire semester of higher education for a teacher. LCS set a goal to sponsor 40 semesters. However, the women of LCS exceeded our expectations and tripled our goal. Educate our Educators is just one example of what we can accomplish together. By lifting each other up, we can make a real difference.

Thirty-One Gifts (bags) 
Stella Dot (Jewelry) 
Mary Kay (Makeup/ Skin Care)
Younique Products (Makeup / Skin Care)
Paintings by Leiona Noah
Ideal Image (Skin Care and Permanent Hair Removal)
Get in Shape for Women (All Women’s gym with personal training)
Saira Waseem Clothes & Jewelry
Aisha’s Collection (Jewelry)
Tai’s Salon (Clutches, Jewelry, Clothes)
Studio Oasis Therapeutic Massages
Pampered Chef (Kitchen/ Cookware)
Ashley Watts Makeup (Makeup Artist)
La Tiendita (Babies Clothing, Shoes)
Bella Hijabs (Hijabs, Clothing)
Young Living Essential Oils
The Paint Cellar

Bollywood Dance Indianapolis
Indy Bollywood