Hoosier uses Trump’s proposed “ban on Muslims” as call to action

By Naomi Pescovitz, WTHR Weekend Sunrise anchor

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“Personally, as someone who was born and raised in the home of the brave, I really think this is the time to be brave and not let fear cloud our judgement when we hear comments like Donald Trump’s,” said Hiba Suleman, daughter of Babar Suleman and sister of Haris Suleman.

“Though the journey itself was what made headlines, it’s actually the people that they were that really changed other people’s lives,” Hiba Suleman said.

“If there’s one thing that my dad and brother can show, is that they loved this country. And that was part of the reason why they wanted to give back in Pakistan, because they realize that this country is what allowed them to come up from where Pakistan is now,” Suleman said.

“It’s casting this negative shadow on not only Muslims around the world, but also on my dad and brother,” Suleman said. “I might be able to stand for it because I can speak for myself but when it comes to Donald Trump’s comments casting this doubt on my dad and brother’s character, that’s not something that I can sit idly by and just quietly take.”

“This documentary, what my dad and brother did, they did because they were in America. They did because once they moved here, they were able to improve their lives in a way that they might not have been able to when my parents were still in Pakistan,” Suleman said. “Even though they didn’t want to be politicized, I think they can really improve the conversation about Muslims in this country when people know that kind of positive impact they’ve had, I think that will really change people’s minds.”

“I really think that this documentary is an important way for people to see that keeping Muslims out of the country or discriminating is not the answer, because they are making positive impacts in our local communities and around the world,” Suleman said.

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