As Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

More powerful than the terror inflicted by gunshots. More powerful than the fear and darkness which overcame Peshawar on this dark moment in history.

As an organization rooted in transforming lives through planting the seeds of learning, we are devastated to hear the news of such a barbaric crime against humanity and against education. Though this goes without saying, we fully condemn the acts of these heartless terrorists and pray for the recovery and release of Pakistan from their horrific grasp.

To the parents, families and communities around the world grieving and mourning the loss: Remember that the seeds we are burying now will only grow into something more beautiful. Remember that we are with you in praying for a brighter future. Remember that education alone can defeat fear and ignorance, the only weapons our enemies possess. Do not give up on that dream.

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