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We wholeheartedly condemn the recent spate of violence occurring in Pakistan. These types of actions must never be tolerated, and we as a people must band together to let people know that we won’t allow this senseless violence. No one, regardless of age, race, creed, religion etc., should be subject to these types of actions. We stand with the Muslim Alliance of Indiana on this issue, their statement on the subject can be seen below.

– The Seeds of Learning Team

(Indianapolis-March 5, 2013) The Muslim Alliance of Indiana (MAI) condemns and is outraged by the of bombing of a mosque in Karachi, Pakistan which claimed the lives of at least 45 people and injured at least 149 others.  The attacks were focused on a group of Shiite Muslims as they left the mosque on Sunday.  Additional damage to the area spread through other local businesses and homes.

“It is a sad day for all people when a simple act of worship or community congregation is marked by violence and innocent deaths,” said MAI Board President Azher Khan. “We ask all community members to lend support to the families who lost loved ones during this tragic event, and we urge American Muslims, Sunni and Shiite, to join them in praying that God may ease the suffering of all those affected by this terrible tragedy.”

No one had immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks.

At the Muslim Alliance of Indiana, we continually strive to develop programming in pursuit of social justice for all Hoosiers.  We believe that an engaged and active Muslim community is the key to dispelling fear and misunderstanding about Islam.  We seek out interfaith partnerships to strengthen our relationships with other religious communities throughout Indiana.  We understand that to see our vision turn into reality, we must provide opportunities for leadership among both Muslim women and Muslim youth.  We continually work to assure a place for the Muslim voice in public dialogue.

We urge the worldwide community to pray for the lives of those lost, injured, and affected by these attacks.

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