There are over fifty-seven million school-aged children in Pakistan who don’t receive proper schooling.


Education for underprivileged children is the focus of SOL. There is a dire need for schools – built to high quality standards – especially in the earthquake-affected areas of Pakistan.


It is our belief that peace comes through education.


We have partnered with The Citizens Foundation to build and operate the Campus of Hope; it opened in 2007 and has been serving students and families in Bai Bala (Pakistan). Over 180 students are enrolled at Campus of Hope with more joining every year!


In addition to Campus of Hope, TCF has built and operates over 700 schools in Pakistan, serving more than 110,000 students.


It is the commitment of SOL to build Campus of Hope and keep it operating for the children and families in the area it serves. To do this, we need your help.


Help us to build and run Campus of Hope – help us build peace through education – help us plant seeds for a better future!